Pro-ma One Shot Concentrated Fuel System Cleaner MSDS

Below is a .pdf link to the full data sheet for Pro-ma MBL Superior Grease.

Depending on your operating system you may need to download Adobe Reader

A Quick Summary of One Shot Material Safety Sheet

One Shot works as you drive, to clean the fuel system, valves, combustion chambers, ports, intake manifolds, carburettors and fuel injectors.You can have full use of your vehicle while One Shot quickly and safely cleans your engine’s fuel system componentry, helping restore lost compression and performance.


The recommended dosage is one bottle (200mL) to up to 60 litres of fuel. This quantity will suit most passenger vehicles. Adjust the dosage proportionately to suit the capacity of the petrol tank. Alternatively, use PT5 Plus Concentrated Petrol Treatment on a continuous basis as recommended for similar results. For maximum benefit, re-treat every 2,500 km or 50 hours of operation. Do not use in Diesel Fuel.

Pro-ma One Shot Concentrated Fuel System Cleaner