Pro-ma Puncture Sealant MSDS

Below is a .pdf link to the full data sheet for Pro-ma MBL Superior Grease.

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A Quick Summary of Puncture Sealant Material Safety Sheet

Key Features

  • Can be used in tube or tubeless tyres
  • Can lower running temperature of tyres
  • Can extend tread life and provide safer motoring

How it works

The Pro-Ma Puncture Sealant is installed quickly and easily through the valve stem. Average installation time is just minutes per tyre. When the vehicle is driven, the rotation of the wheel and the centrifugal force causes the entire surface inside the tread area to be coated with Puncture Sealant. The adhesion properties of Pro-Ma Puncture Sealant keeps the solution in place at all times and allows it to be ready to seal the source of the air loss in the tread area.

Pro-ma Puncture Sealant is available in two grades

Domestic: For use in cars, motorbikes, bicycles, trailers, caravans and golf buggies.
Commercial: For use in tyres of light commercial vehicles, 4WD vehicles, trucks, tractors, buses, fork lifts and ride on mowers.

Pro-ma Puncture Sealant