Radiator Flush

A radiator flush is often one vital part of car maintenance that is overlooked, however it is important to keep your cars radiator and cooling system clean.

The car’s cooling system protects it from the extreme heat generated by the engine and keeps the engine itself operating within the proper temperature range. The longer and the faster you drive, the bigger the stress on your engine.  The best fluid for transferring heat is pure water, however at the temperature the car runs at, water is extremely corrosive to the inside of your engine. We are therefore recommended to use an antifreeze or coolant which contains anti-corrosion additives. Antifreeze and other coolants, like all the other fluids used by your vehicle,  breaks down over time, which is why we generally change our coolants every 2 years.  When the coolant breaks down, more stress is placed on your radiator and your engine begins to run hotter than normal. Gunk and mineral deposits build up, effectively reducing your vehicle’s overall performance and service life.

We also have to take into consideration the possibility of electrolysis. The electric current the engines starter motor uses can build up a slight charge in the engine coolant over a long period of time. Electrolysis will cause metal to come off the inside of your engine and be deposited in the radiator and heater core. If left in the system it leads to rust and corrosion, and eventually you will need to repair or replace parts.

The bottom line is that flushing and keeping the coolant fresh is always less expensive than repairing a heater core, radiator, or head gasket.

Pro-ma Ultra Flush is a cooling system flush for all machinery and vehicles. The one step procedure is easy to complete and is environmentally safe, dissolves and chelates scale and corrosion, and does not effect hoses or seals.

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