PT5 Plus Petrol Treatment

PT5 Plus Petrol Treatment has been scientifically proven. Certified Australian Tests have shown a

  •  9% increase of horsepower
  • 13% improvement of fuel economy
  • 13% improvement in thermal efficiency

Engineering and Lab test in USA and Australia have proved there is a

  • 50% reduction of carbon monoxide emissions
  • 75% reduction of unburnt hydrocarbons

PT5 Plus Petrol Treatment when used consistently also

  • reduces vehicle maintenance, downtime and repair costs,
  • prolongs engine life,
  • prevents rust in fuel tanks,
  • cleans spark plugs,
  • cleans and frees sticky valves,
  • cleans inside the engine while driving,
  • removes gum from carburetor,
  • maintains fuel injector cleanliness and,
  • controls water and condensation in tanks, lines and filters.