Automotive Lubricants

According to “Lubricants and Lubrication” in Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, the worldwide consumption of lubricants was 37,300,000 tons. Automotive Lubricatants was the dominant use, but other big consumers were industrial, marine, and metal working applications.

A good Automotive Lubricant possesses the following characteristics:

  • Good temperature range, from freezing point to boiling point
  •  A high viscosity
  • Thermal stability
  • Prevents Corrosion, and has
  • High resistance to oxidation.

At The Lube Shop we have 3 different automotive lubricants available. A scientifically proven Oil Additive,  a great Lithium Grease, and a Lubricating Spray. Of course these don't just need to be used in your car; they are also great in your boat or other mechanical applications

Pro-ma MBL8 Concentrated Oil Additive is a brilliant oil supplement for petrol and diesel engines. When regularly used, it can increase horsepower, increase fuel economy,  reduce emissions, plus many more great features

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Pro-ma MBL Superior Grease, is extremely resist to water wash out and has a huge operating range from -40°C to +280°C.  It is a lithium based grease,  which protects against extreme pressure, and works well under high loading or severe shock loading

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Pro-ma MBL3 Spray is excellent for any surface that requires freeing and lubricating. It has a unique deep penetrating solvent that lubricates and plates. Great for rusty nuts and bolts,  hinges, and other general lubrication

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By Michelle Warburton | June 22, 2013

Watch Pro-ma MBL8 oil additive in action in this friction brake demonstration. It out performs standard motor oil by almost three times.

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