Pro-ma MBL8 Oil Additive MSDS

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A Quick Summary of the MBL8 Material Safety Data Sheet


Allow 5000km or 100 hours of operation to a new or reconditioned engine before adding MBL8 Concentrate Oil Additive, to permit initial break-in.

Add immediately in all other applications.

Key Points in Application

  • This Oil Additive is specifically designed for enhanced lubrication where the use of normal lubricating oils is specified. In situations where limited lubrication is required, such as in automatic transmissions, use of this product should be avoided.
  • MBL8 contains particulate materials which possess particle sizes in the 1 to 10 micron range. In applications where these particle ranges may produce mechanical problems or be screened out, the use of this product should be avoided.
  • Do not use this product in limited slip differentials automatic transmissions, wet clutch or wet brake applications.
  • MBL8 should not be used in ammonia compressors or in the presence of any acidic or caustic medium.
  • Ensure that MBL8 is not overdosed but used in accordance with recommended dosage. In excessive doses you may increase the viscosity of certain oils.


MBL8 must be shaken vigorously before using. For best results, add during an oil and filter change. After draining oil and replacing filter, add the specified amount of oil less 1 litre (more for larger applications).

Mix thoroughly with the last litre of oil. Add to the engine and operate immediately for at least 15 to 30 minutes before shutdown. With components, i.e., manual gearboxes, differentials, etc., always ensure that the oil additive is thoroughly mixed with oil before adding to the component being treated. Always mix MBL8 with oil before treating any component.

Recommended Dosages in Petrol or Diesel Engines

Passenger cars and light commercial vehicles:
(a) With 4 cylinders, add 75mL per application.
(b) With 6 cylinders, add 100mL per application.
(c) With 8 cylinders, add 125mL per application.

Heavy trucks, industrial, marine and commercial applications:
With 6 or 8 cylinders, add 250mL per application.

Large industrial and marine application:
20mL per litre of engine oil.


Do Not Overdose. NB: In engines with 80,000 km or more of use, it may be necessary to change the oil and filter soon after the first application, due to the detergent effect of MBL8. Do not use this product in new or newly reconditioned engines until running in (approx 5000 klms) has been completed.

Future Oil Changes: Continue the recommended oil change schedule after the first application of MBL8 adding the proper dosage listed above with each oil change.

In manual transmissions, differentials and gearboxes add 20 mL per litre of oil (Not for use in automatic transmissions or Limited Slip Differentials).

In large hydraulic systems, e.g., farm machinery and industrial systems add 1 part MBL8 oil additive to 250 parts oil, or 4 mL per litre.

Do NOT use in torque converter systems or with clutches or brakes that operate in oil.

For small engines such as 4 stroke mowers and industrial engines add 20 mL per litre or 1 part MBL8 to 50 parts engine oil.


Pro-ma MBL8 Oil Treatment

Specific Gravity @ 15.5°C (60°F) (H20 =1) : 1.1
Flash Point (C.O.C.) : 216°C (420°F)
Pour Point : -12°C 10°F)
Boiling Point : Above 210°C (410°F)
Viscosity SUS @ 37.8°C (100°F) with MBL8 : 64.5
Appearance and Odour. Metallic Brown. Mild oil odour.