How to Protect Small Equipment

Protect Small Equipment with Pro-ma Performance Injector Cleaners

Pro-ma PT5 Plus Petrol Treatment can be used in all 2-stroke and 4-stroke petrol engines from weedeaters, outboard motors, motorcycles and cars to the largest petrol engines.  When used consistently it can reduce carbon monoxide emissions by up to 50%, and unburnt hydrocarbon by up to 75%, it also decreases fuel consumptions, increases horsepower, and many other great features

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Pro-ma One Shot Injector and Fuel System Cleaner is a turbo charged petrol treatment that is based on PT5 Plus Petrol Treatment. Used every fourth tank refill it cleans as you drive, improves fuel economy, reduces exhaust emissions and restores lost power, plus many other great features

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Pro-ma MBL8 Concentrated Oil Additive is a brillant oil supplement for petrol and diesel engines. When regularly used, it can increase horsepower, increase fuel economy,  reduce emissions, plus many more great features

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